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Family Constellation and Ancestral Coaching Certificate Training

Imagine having a tool that you can use to get to the very root of stubborn recurring issues in your life and that of your family members, clients, and friends. Imagine making your life free from the baggage from your family, ancestors, and culture. Imagine helping others with the same!

All of us have parents and they had parents and those before them! Regardless of how much or how little you know of the history of your family, you are just as affected by their life stories as those living in close proximity with their birth families! It is NOT culture dependent, every single one of us is deeply programmed on a cellular level with the lives of our ancestors and their trauma as well. These create the ripple effect to later generations that show up as self-sabotage and recurring, stubborn blocks, illnesses, money blocks or emotional issues. It affects our money situation and relationships, too.

Resolving problems where and when they started, at the very core, at their root cause is luckily possible with the use of the European modality Family Constellations and with Ancestral coaching offered here. Imagine creating changes, causing ripple effects of healing fast for yourself and all those connected to you, to your family members, friends, clients! No more limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging bad habits, awful work experiences repeating over and over and over. No more money struggles and feeling not good enough or lazy or procrastinating. Imagine shifting these for you and your clients incredibly effectively and fast!

Imagine being able to do it anytime, anywhere, whenever you want it or need it to! This is exactly why this training program has been created. To teach you how to end the sabotaging and limiting beliefs that your loved ones or your clients have been carrying forever. To help you to find your True Self and help others to do the same, too!

How to release and heal problems passed down generations after generations in your family to You. A powerful modality that you can use to remove blocks, obstacles and create true transformation in your life when and where you want to! Family Constellation and Ancestral coaching work supports any other modality, or healing method you are already using or will want to learn in the future.

Would like to be informed about the next training program details or all things family constellations? Send a message with your questions or schedule a call here: info@fconstellations.com.

We are very powerful manifestors and most of the time what you wish for yourself is, in fact, coming to you. The most common reasons you do not have them in your life right now is that there are blocks in the way.

What you are manifesting cannot get to you until you remove those blocks. Blocks, that are 90% unconscious ones. It means that you are not even aware of them. You don’t know they exist, you do not feel them. The only way you can tell that they are there is that your life does not look like you want it to be. Your health, relationships, money, love life are not as you desire them to be.
Imagine that from now on you will be able to help yourself, your children, any other family member, and your friends in any areas of their lives.
You’ll never have to schedule an appointment to help yourself, you don’t even need to leave the house, you can just do a powerful block removal, a healing, coaching, a deep subconscious level transformational work right where you are!
You will not have to spend any more money on family constellation sessions, you can do them for yourself, too!
All you need is some time and your completed training.
Imagine having your own profitable and soul-led fulfilling coaching or healing practice using any other modalities you love as well as constellation work and ancestral coaching principles! Imagine having results with clients that leave them in awe, and referring you to all their friends. You will always have more than enough clients!
You will learn how to set up your own successful coaching practice, how to decide the right pricing and much more with the help of the incredible morphogenetic Field!
This Certificate program is 3 in 1! Family constellation Facilitator Certificate, Ancestral Coaching Certificate and personalized business coaching support if you want to start or grow your own private coaching practice.

Stop living your life any less than you deserve! Create the life and freedom you’re thrilled to have!

Register today to learn this amazing, life-changing way of helping. I can’t wait to welcome you to the Program!

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Learn Family Constellations

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Family Constellation Facilitator Certificate Program

The program is a comprehensive, in-depth high level online teaching and training program of modules, ample practice opportunities, personalized support, coaching and healing options included

The training program contains a significant amount of self-development, coaching and constellation work, so you can start transforming your own life as well if you wish to, starting with the very first module! You will be able to shift any money stories in the way of you also creating a thriving healing or coaching practice of your own!
During the training program: You will learn to facilitate Family Constellation sessions and also work as a coach with multigenerational issues, as well as childhood negative influences, “Not good enough” beliefs and all like that. Parents’ effects on success, money, health, work, relationships will be transformed, cleared for good.
You will be able to create transformational positive changes for yourself and others both as a private, one on one work as well as group facilitation. You will also be able to help relatives, friends, and clients living far from you. You will learn to work with them online and over the phone as well. If they are not in the position to do so, you will be able to represent them yourself during the work. You can also start your own business doing constellation work or as a highly sought after coach as a beautiful career or use the principles and techniques from the training in your own existing coaching, counselling or healing practice. What you learn in this training can be easily integrated into any other modalities, type of work you feel passionate about using with clients.
This work is so effective, transformational that you will always have more than enough clients once you incorporate your knowledge into your work!
You’ll be able to find out about the lives of your family members and ancestors in the past so you can release and heal everything that doesn’t serve you.

You will finally live the life you’re truly meant to live!

A very unique opportunity as a bonus in the training is to learn past life and spirit intervention (removal) constellations. A highly exciting type of constellation is also included: collective ones addressing overall human, cultural and global issues able to shift our human collective consciousness and heal the planet!

Join us in this exciting journey!


Find Your True Self

Need help to decide which program is right for you among the ones offered in North America?

How to choose the best training for you to learn Family Constellation Facilitation? The 4 most important criteria to look for when you choose your training:

Many practitioners have a long list of degrees and certifications. Most helpers are avid learners and constantly enrich their knowledge and skills. However, make sure that they are certified specifically in Family Constellations Work! I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have thorough training in Family Constellations, not in related fields, not in psychology, counseling or other disciplines but directly in Family Constellations through a complete, comprehensive training program. Do not be shy to ask your questions concerning this, after all, it is your soul, subconscious, your deepest self who is on the line here! When someone does this work without being certified as a Family Constellation Facilitator they may look like they know what they are doing but as I mentioned earlier, this work cannot be done in full depth and really provide what it can without specific training in it in my experience. There are many gifted healers who can facilitate healing by anything they decide to use, however, to teach Facilitating Constellations is NOT a solely intuitive process! There is science behind it, there are governing laws Hellinger observed through thousands and thousands of constellations and there are indications shown by language, movement, body postures, and many more to inform us of the underlying root causes for the issues. Intuition is a wonderful tool to guide us but in my experience not enough for family constellation work the way many people assume.

The second critical aspect to look for when deciding where to study Family Constellation work is whether the training program is a comprehensive one. It means that in order to be able to lead constellations and to really get to the totality of what this modality has to offer, you need to have a training Program where you have a strong foundation of theory, knowledge and practice. In my opinion, It must be a logical sequence of modules built on top of the previous one and in regular time intervals. A few hours of “this and that topic” will not be able to allow you to be a confident facilitator and get the true benefit of this work!

You need to have all major areas of our lives covered during a good training. This is crucial for two reasons: One, You yourself need to reflect and may work on each area even if you had done self-development work before. Family Constellation has a profound unique addition to other modalities. Information and revelations you may have never thought about, or encountered before. Significant influential factors nobody talks about! In order for you to experience major shifts in your and your loved one’s lives. The second reason is for you not to have “blind spots” when working with others. It is crucial to look at all of these areas to have clarity when leading Constellations. The training on this website, offered by the West Coast Family ConstellationInstitute meets all three requirements stated above. It looks at each major area of our lives, like birth, relationships, money, children, health issues, just to name a few. The modules are built on each other, each giving a broader understanding of the governing laws in our family systems and the consequences of having them broken at one point back in time. Then, of course, the know-how of healing them and our family systems.

It is also very important to be able to see and participate in constellations regularly during your training. Not once in a while, a couple of times a year here and there for a weekend. Then you must have the constellations analyzed in details in order to learn them well. Why, what and how was done? To have a set schedule, regular dates and regular opportunities to be immersed in this work are fundamental in order to be able to work on any issue and create true and lasting changes for the better. Family Constellation work is a truly wonderful, deep, profound healing modality, which deserves proper training! This work cannot be done in full capacity and can even cause frustration, confusion and upset for people without proper training. It needs to contain the elements described above. You cannot learn to do this work in a couple of days or hours! You need the foundation of theory and opportunities to practice in a way where you receive guidance and support from the instructor. You also need enough time for your deep self to integrate the material since this is wonderful, exciting soul-work that deserves space to be fully processed. That is why you receive that as well in this training.
If you’re ready, click the button and schedule a call to ask any questions you may have or to apply right away and start your own exciting journey!
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Your Certificate

The training offered here provides all the necessary steps, parts and tools for you to be able to successfully use family constellations for your, your family’s and clients’ benefits and create a better life! Your Certificate can be tracked by your future clients to have come from an Institution founded by a Certified Professional specifically in Family Constellation and Business Constellation whose Certificate comes from an established European Institute as well. This builds trust and shows authenticity for your clients. I wish you all the best to choose the right training for you!

Congratulations on making a decision to obtain a Certificate that serves you and others in a profound way!


Congratulations on making a decision to learn a method that serves you and others in a profound way!
Congratulations on making a decision to learn a method that serves you and others in a profound way!