Family Constellation Facilitator Certificate Program

By Westcoast Family Constellation Institute

Ancestral Healing and Multigenerational Clearing Modality

Imagine having a tool that always brings you more than enough clients. A tool that elevates your own counselling, coaching or healing practice, your very own helping business to a much more successful level with your clients being mind blown of the effects that now you can achieve with them! You can keep using any other modality, already used and loved processes and add Family Constellations to your tool kit to make a huge difference in the results you are getting. People will rave about you and refer all their friends and family to you!

Imagine having a tool that you can use to get to the very root of stubborn recurring issues, limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns in such a transformational way that leaves your clients in awe. A work that allows you to have more than enough clients all! the time!

Imagine, finally deeply helping your clients or yourself to live life free from baggage that have been carried for generations after generations blocking money, health, relationships, careers and every area of life you can think of.

As you may know by now growing up we inherit and internalize many many beliefs, habits that absolutely do not serve us as adults anymore. But it is one thing to know that that is the case and another to be able to effectively shift them. And these are just those we are aware of. Imagine the ones carried forward by multiple generations when nobody today even remembers when why it all started. The trauma back then that got stuck in the family system and that is now causing all kinds of problems but most people have no clue that that is actually what is causing their blocks and keeping them stuck and away from the relationship, health, success, money they seek.

During this training program we time travel together on the most exciting journey to Your Family Lineage’s past, so you can also personally shift all that needs to and then being able to create a successful, thriving coaching practice with happy clients and make a real difference on this planet.

Imagine creating changes, causing ripple effects of healing for all those connected to your lineage, to family members while you’re working on Yourself during the Family Constellation Facilitator Certificate Program, surrounded by new friends cheering you on.

Imagine being able to do constellations for yourself or others anytime, anywhere, whenever you want it or need to!

This is exactly why this Family Constellation Facilitator Certificate Program has been created. To teach you the mind-blowing connections between current day problems, like money issues, relationship blocks, self-sabotage, feeling lost or bored with your life and specific events of the lives of yours and your ancestors in the distant or not so distant past. What can you do with traumas from your childhood, negative influences or painful separation from parents, loved ones? This program is not your ordinary certificate! Not only it can allow you to generate an income and helping people in a profound way, but it is also a powerful healing and self-discovery journey for You. You will learn the tools to be a highly effective coach who is able to clear childhood limiting beliefs as well as working with ancestral inherited patterns and create exciting success results and healings for your clients.

You will be guided and taught in a supporting, non-judgmental container to allow for you to find your own unique style as well as getting the most results for anyone you work with.

To release and heal mental health, money, relationship or other problems passed down generations after generations in your family to You and do the same for people you choose to work with. Whether it is being your own boss and create freedom for yourself by your coaching, healing business or family members, children and friends as a profound tool in your toolkit.

Family Constellation work and Ancestral coaching supports any other modality, healing method or tools that you know or are already using. what you learn during this training actually makes them more effective, work faster and create more permanent results!

The time is NOW! If you feel called to have this all, do not hesitate another minute. When the time is right and the calling is there, we must honour it. That is what creates momentum and ripple effects and creates the life you are thrilled to live and the work you are incredibly excited to share with the world and the income you are happy to make!

You will be a certified Family Constellation practitioner who can charge higher fees by this sought-after modality included in your practice. Through a program, led by a highly experienced global coach with clients from 69 countries and counting, with decades of experience as a Master Teacher, Healer, Psychic medium, Channel, Family Constellation Teacher, Counsellor and Ancestral, Life- and Abundance Coach.
An amazing bonus with the Family Constellation Facilitator Certificate Program is the business building support as well that you will receive should you wish to start your own private practice, coaching or healing business or grow your existing one.

Family constellation work and Ancestral Coaching

Family Constellations and Ancestral Coaching enhances the effects, takes any modality, coaching and healing work to a profoundly deeper level. It thus creates such results and transformation that always brings you more than enough clients! And these results last! Actually last!

We are very powerful manifestors and most of the time what you wish for yourself is, in fact, is coming to you.

The reason you do not have them in your life already is that there are blocks in the way and self-sabotage.

What you are manifesting cannot get to you until you remove those blocks.

These blocks are of course 90% subconscious ones. It means that you are not even aware of them, you don’t know they exist, you do not feel them, yet they are still messing up your life, sabotaging your best goals! All – of – the- time. Until they are cleared.

The only way you can tell that they are there is that your life does not look the way you want it to be. Your health, relationships, money, or love life is not as you desire it to be. Your business does not look like you wish it to be. All that can be changed easily and fast if you know where to look for the stubborn blocks in your family lineage or past lives and remove them with the help of Family Constellations and Ancestral work! Your life can profoundly change for the better even in an instant, like magic in many cases.

Family Constellation Facilitator Certificate Program

Imagine that from now on whenever you want to help yourself, your children, any other family member, and your friends in any areas of their lives, you are actually able to regardless of where they are!

You won’t have to schedule an appointment to help yourself, you won’t even need to leave your home for a session, you can just do a powerful block removal, a healing, a deep subconscious level transformational work right where you are! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Imagine this! You will not have to spend anymore money on family constellation sessions, all you need is some time and what you learned during your Family Constellation Facilitator Certificate Program.

Register today to participate in this life changing experience of Family Constellation Facilitator and Ancestral Coaching Certification Program! Click the button below and ask your questions, get details and see if this is for you. If it is, you will be welcomed by open arms. Cannot wait to start this magical journey together!

The Training consists of 6 modules, multiple Q&A and practice opportunities, personal healing options and support over the course of 6 months covering every area of life, the reasons for blocks to form, effects of past traumas and family secrets and the removal of them. Theory can be learnt via video classes that you can watch at your own pace in your own schedule. Follow up Q&A live calls are scheduled together with participants. About halfway through the program you will be able to start leading constellations in a safe, guided way to gain experience and confidence.



Module 1.

Introduction to Family Constellations, The Morphogenetic Field, The 4 main Laws of our Family Systems, Soul entanglements, Family System Members, Recurring patterns, their effects, Why does trauma become stuck for multi-generations?, The Role and Effect of Religion, Culture, Ethnicity and Social Status of Your Ancestors in Your present life. Birth family, Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, Relationship with your Father, Relationship with your Mother, Hierarchy of siblings.


Module 2.

Intimate relationships, Couples, Intimacy, Sexuality, Sexual and Physical Abuse, Divorce, Hidden sabotaging patterns, the Laws of a long-lasting, happy intimate relationship.
Interviewing the client or ourselves -How to decide what to work on?
What is the real issue?
What has real weight for us or the client?
What questions to ask before we start?
How to decide what representatives to use at the start, when to bring in who?
Positions of representatives and their interpretations, group work, private sessions, distant sessions, self-constellations, working with friends and family members.


Module 3.

Children, Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Abortion, IVF, Effects of unborn children on family members, unborn twin phenomenon, Blocks of Conception and Pregnancy, Our Birth: Birth experiences and their effects on our adult lives, Special Rebirthing Constellation to shift and heal birth traumas and relationships with our parents.


Module 4.

Causes of Money and Abundance blocks rooted in our ancestry, negative money patterns and limiting beliefs: their removal and healing, how to effectively shift our money situation.
How to manage your representatives? Handling difficult representatives, challenging topics.
How to make sure we interpret the constellation correctly?
Healing sentences.
Powerful short exercises to include in your own work with clients or for easy homework for yourself or others.


Module 5.

Career choices, Jobs: The power of 9-5, Entrepreneurship, Inherited limiting beliefs and Family System Blocks sabotaging you from starting your own business, Gender roles and Career: Do I have permission to be successful as a woman…? Job issues, Our relationship with our Boss and Co-workers, how to improve it?


Module 6.

Health Issues, Root causes of autoimmune diseases, genetic disorders, weight problems, Allergies, How to be free from Chronic Pain, Causes and Symbology of Chronic and Acute Illnesses, Cancer. Life and Death, Addictions and their root causes of multigenerational unresolved trauma /not genetics!/, Spirit Intervention, Archetypes in constellations and healing: Mythological beings, Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, Mythical Beings to bring in new qualities into the system of the individual, the use of these in constellations and in personal development.
Applications of family constellation work – when can we use it and for what topics, issues.
Special types of constellations: Nature, Astrological, Collective for Humanity level issues, Gardening, Business Constellations, Past Life, Spirit Removal, Curse Removal, Space Constellations.

Due to the nature of this deep soul centred work, and training level provided, it is assumed that participants are capable of making empowered choices and are self-responsible. Honouring the program and the participants of the group, the tuition fee is non-refundable. Ample support is provided in the event of you needing assistance to help you stay on track and being able to honour your commitment.


The program also includes the opportunity to practice leading Family Constellations. Q&A, Support, guidance and feedback. You are going to learn to lead groups as well as do private sessions. You will learn to lead distant constellations online. You will also learn how to do constellations for yourself! Halfway through the training program, you will already be able to lead constellations in a supervised setting, then soon on your own. During the training, practice pairs are formed in order to practice private work online.

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