Family Constellation Facilitator Certification

Family Constellation Facilitator Certification Program

By the West Coast Family Constellation Institute.

Imagine having a tool that you can use to get to the very root of stubborn recurring issues in your life and that of your family members, clients and friends.

Imagine making your life free from the baggages.

Resolving problems where and when they started, at the very core, at their root cause.

Imagine creating changes, causing rippling effects of healing fast for yourself and all those connected to you, to your family members.

Imagine being able to do it anytime, anywhere, whenever you want it or need it to!

This is exactly why this training program has been created. To teach you how to end your and you clients’ suffering.

How to find your True Self!

How to release and heal problems passed down generations after generations in your family to You.

A powerful modality that you can use to remove blocks, obstacles and create true transformation in your life whenever and wherever you want to.

Family Constellation work supports  any other modality, healing method you know or are using.

Family constellation work enhances the effects, takes any work, healing to the deepest level, to be the most effective and provide transformation faster.

Family constellation certificationWe are very powerful manifestors and most of the time what you wish for yourself is in fact coming to you.

The reason you do not have them in your life now is because there are blocks in the way.

What you are manifesting cannot get to you until you remove those blocks.

Blocks, that are 90% unconscious ones. It means that you are not even aware of them, you don’t know they exist, you do not feel them.

The only way you can tell they are there is that your life does not look like you want it to be.

Your health, relationships, money, love life are not as you desire them to be.

Imagine that from now on whenever you want to help yourself, your children, any other family member and your friends in any areas of their lives, you are actually able to regardless of where they are!

You don’t have to schedule an appointment, you don’t even need to leave the house, you can just do a powerful block removal, a healing, a deep subconscious level transformational work right where you are!

You don’t have to spend money anymore on family constellation sessions, it does not cost you anything, all you need is some time and your training.

Stop living your life of any less than you and your loved ones deserve!

Register today to learn this wonderful life changing tool!

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Family Constellation Facilitator Certification Program

Where: Rhodes Wellness College 280-1125 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC

The modules are once a month, for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday.

  • 10 am to 7 pm on Saturdays
  • 10 am to 5 pm on Sundays

The training is a comprehensive 6-month program through modules.

You will learn how to help distant relatives, friends, and clients living far from you.

You can work with them via Skype, over the phone and when they are not in the position to do so, you can represent them yourself during the work.

You can also start your own business doing constellation work as a beautiful career.

You can find out all you want about your family and ancestors and you can learn to connect to all those who can support you and help you live the life you are meant to live.

To find health, joy, and abundance!

The training is done in a small group setting to ensure maximum individual support.

It contains a significant amount of self-development and constellation work for yourself, so you can start transforming your life and the areas that need healing during the training.

A very unique opportunity is that there is an option to learn past life and spirit intervention constellations as well as collective ones addressing overall human, cultural and global issues as an optional module of the course.


1. Introduction to Family Constellations, Morphogenetic Field, the 4 main Governing Rules in our lives, Soul entanglements, Family Systems, who belongs to the system and who does not, how reoccurring patterns form, their effects, Trauma, Religion, Culture in individual and family dynamics, patterns. Interviewing process-What to work on? Investigating the real issue

2. Birth family, Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, relationship with our Father, relationship with our Mother, hierarchy of siblings, twins, unborn twins, adopted siblings, miscarried, aborted, stillborn siblings and their effects on the individual’s life.

3. Intimate relationships, Couples, Dating, Finding Love, Intimacy, Sexuality, Sexual and Physical Abuse, Divorce, Hidden sabotaging patterns, dynamics, Rules to long-lasting intimate relationships.Children, Conception, Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Abortion, IVF, effects of unborn children, blocks with conception, Birth experiences and their effects, Rebirthing constellation, what children carry forward, what they are showing for parents of their family and ancestry line.

4. Money Issues, Abundance blocks, money patterns inherited and their removal, the power of 9-5, career paths, choices and changes. Career choices, Job issues, the power of 9-5

5. Health, health issues, weight problems, allergies, healing chronic pains, chronic and acute illnesses, Cancer. There is nothing! that cannot be cured by finding and healing the root cause of it! Life and Death, Addictions, Alcohol and drug abuse

6. Archetypes and their use in constellations and personal development: mythological characters, God, Goddess Work, Spirit Intervention.

Practicum – 2 full days of Constellations led by students in a supervised setting (dates to be discussed for the practicum).

The modules also teach you to lead groups, work one-on-one, distance, silent and blind constellations as well.

Midway through the training, you will already be able to lead constellations in a supervised setting.

Up to now you had to fly to multiple locations in the US and Europe to be able to learn all these above, but now they are offered in Vancouver, BC.

Additional workshops specializing in specific areas, as well as unique constellations, like past life work, animals, crystals, plants, astrological, planet constellations and humanitarian cause, will be offered at a discount rate for students.The fee includes 9 modules – each at a highly competitive rate -, and individual constellations done during the training dates.

Looking forward to see you reach your goals!

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