Family Constellation Facilitator Certification

Family Constellation Facilitator Certification Program

By the West Coast Family Constellation Institute

Imagine having a tool that you can use to get to the very root of stubborn recurring issues, limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns in your life and that of your family members, clients, and friends!

Imagine, finally living your life free from the baggage carried for generations before you.

Resolving problems where and when they started, at the very core, at their root cause. Let’s time travel together on the most exciting journey to Your Family Lineage’s past!

Imagine creating changes, causing ripple effects of healing for all those connected to you, to your family members while you’re working on Yourself during the Program, surrounded by new friends cheering you on.

Imagine being able to do constellations for yourself or others anytime, anywhere, whenever you want it or need it to!

This is exactly why this training program has been created. To teach you the mind-blowing connections between current day problems, blocks, self-sabotage and specific events of the lives of yours and your ancestors in the distant or not so distant past.

To guide You to find your True Self!

To release and heal mental health, money, relationship or other problems passed down generations after generations in your family to You.


Family Constellation work supports any other modality, healing method or tools that you know or are already using. Constellation work actually makes them more effective, quicker and creates more permanent results!

Family constellation work enhances the effects, takes any work, healing to the deepest level, to be the most effective and provide transformation faster.

Family constellation certificationWe are very powerful manifestors and most of the time what you wish for yourself is, in fact, coming to you.

The reason you do not have them in your life already is that there are blocks in the way.

What you are manifesting cannot get to you until you remove those blocks.

These blocks are of course 90% unconscious ones. It means that you are not even aware of them, you don’t know they exist, you do not feel them.

The only way you can tell they are there is that your life does not look as you want it to be.

Your health, relationships, money, or love life is not as you desire it to be.

Imagine that from now on whenever you want to help yourself, your children, any other family member, and your friends in any areas of their lives, you are actually able to regardless of where they are!

You don’t have to schedule an appointment, you don’t even need to leave the house, you can just do a powerful block removal, a healing, a deep subconscious level transformational work right where you are!

You don’t have to spend money anymore on family constellation sessions, all you need is some time and what you learned during your training program.


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