Family Constellations

If you are a healer, a coach or someone who has tried many healing modalities over the years, you have probably realized one painful fact—most people don’t stay healed.

Most healings are not permanent. Sure, they get better for a time. The emotional, mental or physical problem seems to resolve. But then, as time goes by the issue returns or something much like it takes its place.

Let me give you one example from my own practice when I was working as a healer and a health coach

One of my clients, let’s call her Janet had excruciating lower back pain for over 10 years before she started to work with me. As a Grandmaster of an ancient Tibetan energy healing modality I started to help her. This healing is a very high level, transformational work helping thousands of people all over the world. After our session her pain was gone! She could not believe it! On the way home, she was trying different body postures to see where the pain went, but nothing, it was gone for good!

Or so she thought. After about a year of happiness and freedom of movement without the pain, it slowly started to come back. It was not as bad as before but there it was again.

As a Grandmaster healer trained for many years in a Tibetan healing, I knew and had seen what was possible, so Janet’s case puzzled me. Then I began to see the same pattern with many of my clients and clients of other healers. The same pattern for people using several different healing modalitites, herbal remedies, and many more wonderful tools and techniques. And it didn’t seem to matter how much we talked about the hidden meanings behind the issues or the emotional connections to problems.

What I noticed was that most healings simply do not stay permanent. The healing methods people used were all genuinely great ones, healing people, yet some time after their healing most people manifested the same or very similar health problem than the one they had been cured of. When I saw this happening with clients over and over again, I made it my mission to find out  why.

What are the invisible strings pulling people back to the same issues and problems?

I knew that what I needed to discover was a modality, one that went to the very root cause of any dis-ease, whether it was emotional, mental or physical. One that complements any other healing modality a person uses and makes those work faster while ensuring that the results stick. The healing is permanent.

I learnt modalities looking at the causes of problems as well as offering solutions such as psychographotherapy, analyzing drawings of people, space energy optimization, Feng Shui, examining and correcting the energy in people’s environments, dream interpretation, story telling, archetypes, mythology for healing, astrology, colour therapy, past life regression, crystals, and essential oils. These took healing to the next level, yet I wasn’t satisfied.

Finally, one day, I heard from one of my friends, also a healer, about Family Constellations. What I heard was that this systemic healing work developed by a European psychiatrist, Bert Hellinger, took healing well beyond the level of symptoms and their meaning for the individual and instead worked with the ancestral and family line stories, traumas and patterns at play in people’s lives. It views people as integral parts of a system, not just a single human being. Intrigued, I started participating in the work and experienced amazing results, healing, and transformation in my own life. I decided to learn to facilitate Family Constellations myself.

So I enrolled in a training program at a Hellinger accredited Institute in Europe. I soon discovered that in applying this method I began at last to see healings and true transformations for my clients–and myself–that were relapse-free. People were healing life-long issues and most miraculously, these breakthrough transformations were permanent! Not only they were permanent for my clients but created rippling effects for the whole family, people related to them.

Let me share just one of my favorite client stories

One of my clients, Jodie had been allergic to gluten for over 10 years. She could not consume anything containing wheat, or any other grains with gluten. When we worked together, she did not schedule the session to heal this allergy because her doctors told her it cannot be cured. She was told that she had to learn to live with eliminating it completely from her diet. No breaded tempura, no crispy chicken, no warm, fresh croissant with her morning coffee.

What we worked on was a rash that she developed a few weeks prior to our session.

Her doctors couldn’t figure out what it was exactly and how to make it go away.

It turned out in the constellation that one of her great great aunts had a little girl at around the age of 4 who wandered out of their farmhouse on her own, into the wheat field, got lost and was never found alive.

The little girl’s mother never recovered from her grief and self-blame. This pain of the loss, as well as the guilt, was carried down generations after generations to Jodie. She not only had the subconscious rejection of wheat manifested as an allergic reaction to it in her body, but she also carried the belief that “you must watch your child at all times for them to be safe” Her son was 23 years old, still living at home close enough for Jodie to keep an eye on him. This belief caused tension between them since her son did not want the amount of attention he received anymore. He was old enough to start his own life which subconsciously was scary for Jodie.

Few days after the constellation I received a text message in the afternoon: “Guess what I had for breakfast! A croissant! No reactions so far.” A year after that message she still did not have any reactions, she was able to enjoy bread, bakery products anytime. The only ones causing some discomfort were those made with flour of  GMO crops, but that’s a whole different story for all of us.

Family Constellation

Family constellation is a widely successful European modality based on psychology, counselling and family therapy, shamanic and NLP work among others. It has been developed by a German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger. It became highly popular in Europe, South America, Asia and in some parts of the Unites States and Canada due to its surprisingly fast way of resolving issues and stopping negative recurring patterns. It treats problems inherited from our parents, family, ancestors in a revolutionary unique way. It results in profound healing and resolving of issues and problems people have been trying to be free from in certain cases for decades!

Most often we work on recurring issues, relationship, career and money problems, self sabotaging behaviours, health concerns, illnesses, anxiety, and depression or weight problems. We also identify and stop jeopardizing habits with money in our careers, fulfillment and life purpose. Hellinger discovered that in most cases these repetitive patterns come from our belief system and baggages, blocks inherited, picked up from our parents and their parents and in many cases rooting our problems even further back, many generations before us. Just like personality traits, or the colour of our hair can come from many generations before us, so can our decision making habits, procrastinations, money story or any other behaviour. Those that serve us and those that do not.

We often hold resentment or anger toward our parents because they failed to treat us the way we wanted to be treated growing up. When you transform these, let them go, it enables you to free yourself from all the negative feelings and stops the patterns of behaviour that result in financial, physical and emotional problems. While does not require you to neither forgive or “break up” with your parents. It allows you to reach a state of peaceful mind, calm presence even during family gatherings.

It does not tell us to forgive in situations we are simply not capable of, because it shows how it is not the path that would heal our issues. We identify the causes, then help you put down the baggage so that you can be free to live your own life, seize all the opportunities awaiting and all they have to offer. You can be empowered to find your True Self!

We work either in a group setting or individually, one on one. See the regular group events for group work or start working with maximized attention during a VIP Full Day Intensive. During our sessions, we peel off layer after layer of a particular issue you choose to work on. To create lasting transformation and to make you free from the baggages carried from your family system we address the issues that are most pressing for you. You do not need to know anything about your family, even if you were adopted, family constellation work finds the root pattern and creates deep transformation that lasts.

Why does this method work?

You, see, most un-wellness is simply because we all carry burdens of shame, guilt, fear, and anger that don’t belong to us. What do I mean by this? Well, what if I told you that something that happened to your great-great grandmother can actually impact your happiness, success, and health today? Or that a family secret far up the family line can cause chaos in your life today creating relationship problems, issues with your children and many more? During our work with clients using the family constellation modality we uncover these root causes, long forgotten stories, traumas in the family line, bring them to the surface just enough to release them and heal their effect.

Learn to Facilitate Your Own Family Constellations or make a living doing them for others

Why do I want to learn to Facilitate Family Constellations?

Imagine having a tool that you can use to get to the very root of your issues and those of your family members, clients, and friends — resolving problems at their origin so that success and happiness can emerge without blocks.

Imagine rapid healing and shifts for yourself and all those connected to you. Imagine being able to do this healing anytime, anywhere! You don’t have to be a therapist or a healer to learn and benefit from this work. Most of the time what you wish for yourself, what you have been trying to manifest is, in fact, coming to you. But too often hidden family system blocks are in the way of your dreams, slow down or stop manifestations and stop them from actually happening.

The sad fact is, until you identify and remove these blocks, your desires cannot reach you, cannot manifest in your physical reality. And unfortunately it does not stop with you, the patterns, the blocks, the baggages are passed down to the next generation. Your children and grandchildren can “inherit” these, carry them from you and your ancestors. The good news is, that you can stop that from happening.

Once you learn and be able to do constellations for yourself and others, you will automatically help your children, your nieces and nephews, your parents and your siblings in any areas of their lives. You see, this healing has a powerful and miraculous ripple effect on those around you.


Just like Marc, who had a younger sister he really loved, yet they stopped talking to each other 8 years ago. After working on an issue he was struggling with, – unrelated seemingly to his sister- he shared the following with me: The day after the constellation his sister suddenly phoned him and said: “Why did we stop talking to each other? I think it is time to reconnect.” Then they talked for 2 hours trying to make up for lost time. He was glowing with happiness next time we met.

Of course, you can also do constellations directly for those around you as well. And if you are in a coaching or healing career already, you will improve not only your own life (healer heal thyself) but your work will begin to radically and quickly transform the lives of your clients. Using this amazing tool, you can take your work to the next level! Systemic Family Constellation work complements any existing healing methods you may already be using. In fact, it ensures that the other methods you are using can be most effective because you will have addressed the deeply hidden root causes that have kept clients stuck. Just going through the training and learning the theory and mini exercises, you will be able to help your clients achieve better results with the methods you are already using.
Family constellations take any healing to the deepest level, making them even more effective and long-lasting.

Before this training existed here in the online space, you had to travel to multiple locations in Europe, the US or South America to be able to learn Family Constellations. Now You can learn them in one convenient location, in the comfort of your own home then meet for practice and reunion in various locations that are convenient for you.

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