Business Constellation Facilitator Certification

By the West Coast Family Constellation Institute

Systemic Business Building and Solution Focused Constellations Certificate Program


Learn the specific techniques and exercises to use for creating your own business, to work with teams within an organization or a company; to test project efficiency; ideas and best marketing approaches.

Learn to find out what can cause problems in the success of a business or a project and within co-workers, teams. How to find the most suitable position for employees.

How to know whether the root of the problems are on a personal level, originating from the private life of You or the participants or from the business, organization itself. Is it the management or the employees and what to do to transform, clear and shift them?

The Certificate Program is a 3-month program where the modules are held once a month for two full weekend days.

They are done both in person and online.

In person location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Online: via live video calls with real-time interactions, question and answer, and practice opportunities.

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Module 1.

  • Defining business constellations, the applications of business and systemic constellations
  • Fundamental laws operating in a business, in corporations, organizations
  • Identifying wounds and trauma aka roots of problems within the organization, the company, the project
  • Group container, setting intentions
  • Working with teams within a company
  • Ethical considerations
  • The cataleptic hand
  • Types of investigations of problems and enhancement of productivity
  • Problem constellation
  • The “Miracle constellation”
  • Solution Focused Approach

Module 2.

  • Effective decision making,
  • “Tetralemma constellation”
  • The “Butterfly constellation”
  • Solution Focused Approach continued
  • Specific examples analyzed, student Q&A
  • Student practice and bringing own focus goals

Module 3.

  • Review of Module 1.
  • The “Life Path Mentor constellation”, “Career constellation”
  • The “Truth of the Matter constellation”
  • The “Order constellation”
  • The “Exception to the problem”
  • Systemic Structural constellations in smaller groups, such as small teams, small businesses, and families
  • Student practices

All modules contain students’ opportunity in the hot seat bringing their own goals to class.

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Tuition for the Certificate Program

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