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about henriette csapo

My name is Henriette Csapo. I am the Founder and Director of West Coast Family Constellation Institute. The institute is dedicated to providing high level and professionally conducted Family Constellation Certification Trainings, Systemic, Business Constellation Facilitator Certification Trainings, Workshops, and Courses.

I am passionate about helping coaches, healers and helpers of various modalities to take their results to the next level with clients.

Combining how you already work with clients with the skillset and principles of family constellation work, you are able to take your results rofoundly to the next level! This means that you will always have clients easily, who become returning, loyal clients of yours!

I am also super excited to support people to uncover and release root causes and sabotaging beliefs carried forward from their family systems, parents and ancestors regardless of their cultural origin or current location.

I am a Success Mindset Master Coach, a Professional Counsellor, and a Grandmaster Tibetan Healer working with people for over 30 years all around the globe. I am a certified Family Constellations Facilitator, Business Constellations Facilitator, and Master Teacher.

I have extensive experience helping people with relationships, life transitions, career changes, and health challenges.

My work helps clients to find their deep purpose in life, break free from the chains of the past, limiting beliefs inherited from their ancestors, parents and envision, manifest a beautiful future!

I have been helping people of all ages and cultural heritage in over 39 countries all over the world.

I live in beautiful British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada where the sky meets the ocean and the mountains mesmerize your soul. I share my life with my husband and three wonderful children, and of course a couple of cute pets like Cora, the gecko who is always smiling : )

It is our birthright to be Free, to be who we really are! Release limiting beliefs, self-sabotage to find Your True Self!

Teaching, healing, coaching and helping to empower You to become joyful and make this planet a better place!

Degrees and Certifications

  • Family Constellation Certification – Hellinger Institute, Europe
  • Business and Systemic Constellation Certification – Hellinger Institute, Europe
  • Masters of Education – Teaching Degree – University of Debrecen, Europe
  • Masters of English Language and Literature – University of Debrecen, Europe
  • Masters of Ancient and Modern World History – University of Debrecen, Europe
  • Psychographotherapy course 1 year- Alterna Institute, Europe
  • Dream Analysis program- Synthesis University, Europe
  • Tibetan Energy Healing Grandmaster level Certification – Pranapadlas, Europe
  • Professional Counselling Diploma – Rhodes College, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Life Skills Coaching Certificate – Rhodes College, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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